Consulting Services

Redhouse Performance Consulting provides leadership consulting to organizations, teams and individuals interested in assessing, developing and implementing strategies to facilitate culture change related to global diversity, inclusion and employee empowerment.

Strategy Development

Facilitating a process for creating a vision, mission, strategy and communication tools to drive organizational change in diversity, inclusion and empowerment.

Leadership Engagement & Development

Coaching individual leaders and teams to achieve improved understanding, competency and results in diversity, inclusion, cultural competency and empowerment.

Talent & Organization Development

Developing an inclusion learning program and integrating inclusion into an organization's existing learning curriculum. Delivering targeted learning for leaders, teams, managers and internal trainers to become inclusion champions.

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Developing strategies and action plans for improving an organization’s ability to attract and retain high value talent. Assist in the formation of associate resource groups (ARGs) with a specific mission directly related to leveraging diversity in the workforce to create better outcomes inside the organization, i.e., improved retention and engagement, or externally i.e., improved customer relationships and market share.

Organizational & Culture Assessments

Conducting qualitative and quantitative research to gauge perceptions and/or determine strategic milestones and performance metrics.

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