Learning & Development

We design, develop and deliver inclusive learning programs that "stick" with people. Program content is relevant and effectively relates key learning points to people's day-to- day experiences. Arlene Roane, founder and president at Redhouse Performance Consulting, has presented to and trained over 50,000 professionals.


Program Topics

  • The ART of Inclusion

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • The Power of Unconscious Bias

  • Generationally Speaking- Differing Expectations @ Work

  • Leveraging Diversity of Thought

  • Micro-inequities: Small Things Make a Difference

  • Yes, We're Different! Women's and Men's Leadership Styles

  • My Culture and How I Shape My World

  • Diversity Includes White Guys

  • You Are Culturally Competent?

Program Delivery

Delivery is available in a variety of formats including: keynotes, lecture series, workshops, webinars, interactive e-learning, as well as courses delivered via corporate training programs.

Topics can be explored and applied to a range of organizational challenges, functions or roles such as executives, supervisors, recruiting, talent management, external/community relations, marketing, purchasing and supplier diversity.

We use traditional tried and true diversity learning materials such as “The Diversity Wheel” by Gardenschwartz and Rowe and culture dimensions model by Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner.  We also incorporate recently published materials, research and approaches that provide an engaging foundation on which to build an effective learning experience about the impact and influence of diversity and the need for inclusion today.