Our Approach

At Redhouse Performance Consulting, we focus on delivering consulting and learning solutions for organizations interested in creating an inclusive culture. Leaders and others must adopt a different, yet inclusive mindset.  Redhouse uses a 5R Framework when initiating or revitalizing diversity and creating a foundation for an inclusive culture.

Our 5R Framework is predicated on being Relevant, Relational, Responsive, Resilient and Radical.

The 5R Framework

  1. RELEVANT: Connected to what's happening here and now while  understanding the WIIFMO -- "what's in it for me and the organization."

  2. RELATIONAL: Focused on maintaining and improving relationships with people who are similar and different. 

  3. RESPONSIVE: Identifying, understanding and expressing what's important to others, to the organization and to you.

  4. RESILIENT: Being persistent and adaptable. Responding with patience and understanding in stressful or difficult situations.

  5. RADICAL: Inspiring a change in thinking or perspective that is reflected in words, actions and beliefs.